Reeded Pole

Reeded brass poles originate in the 19th centure and have become a constant feature of classical and more ornate interior schemes.

Reeded poles are available in 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 75mm diameters.  

Poles can be:

  • Bent, curved or mitred for bay windows
  • Corded or Motorised with rings
  • Corded or Motorised with gliders
  • Finished in any metal or paint colour

Holbein Catalogue Description

Poles are available in one piece up to 3.5 metres. Longer poles may be available in some sizes. 
Poles of 40mm or above may be corded operated or motorised.
Sizes up to 50mm can be bent for bay windows.
Diameters available (inch sizes are approximate):

20mm (3/4″)

25mm (1″)

30mm (1 1/4″)

40mm (1 1/2″)

50mm (2″)

80mm (3″)