Smooth Round Pole

This plain pole is the most widely used option for both traditional and contemporary interiors.   Brass tubes have a wall thickness of 1mm or 1.5mm and can carry heavy curtains.  Additional reinforcing liners are available for thinner poles, or poles where an unusually large span is required between brackets.

Poles can be:

  • Bent, curved or mitred for bay windows
  • Corded or Motorised with rings
  • Corded or Motorised with gliders
  • Finished in any metal or paint colour


Poles are available in one piece up to 3.5 metres. Longer poles may be available in some sizes. 
Poles of 38mm or above may be corded operated or motorised.
All sizes can be bent for bay windows or “return to wall” (French) poles.
Diameters available:

19mm (3/4″)

25mm (1″)

32mm (1 1/4″)

38mm (1 1/2″)

50mm (2″)

63mm (2 1/2″)

75mm (3″)