Return Support Socket

Return Support Socket. This socket is designed for wood, metal or acrylic poles. It is used with bent back to wall poles, sometimes refered to as “French Poles”, where in place of finials and end brackets, the end of the pole is bent at 90 degrees to retun to the wall where it is secured in this socket.
It is available in all of our metal finishes.


Solid Brass
16mm pole: Height 80mm x Width 22.5mm x Depth 18mm

19mm pole: Height 95mm x Width 26mm x Depth 22mm

25mm pole: Height 105mm x Width 32mm x Depth 28mm

32mm pole: Height 110mm x Width 39mm x Depth 32mm

38mm pole: Height 120mm x Width 45mm x Depth 32mm

50mm pole: Height 135mm x Width 58mm x Depth 40mm

63mm pole: Height 150mm x Width 72mm x Depth 45mm