Flangeless End Socket

Flangeless Brass End Socket

Flangless End Socket. This socket is designed for wood, metal or acrylic poles. It is used to fix curtain poles where they butt up to a wall at one or both ends. The socket unscrews from the back plate for easy installation. Fixings holes are inside the socket so no fixings are visible after installation.
It is available in all of our metal finishes.

Holbein Catalogue Description

Solid Brass
16mm pole: Depth 16mm x Diameter 24.2mm

19mm pole: Depth 18mm x Diameter 27.8mm

25mm pole: Depth 22mm x Diameter 35.2mm

32mm pole: Depth 25mm x Diameter 42.5mm

38mm pole: Depth 30mm x Diameter 49.4mm

50mm pole: Depth 32mm x Diameter 62.1mm

63mm pole: Depth 38mm x Diameter 74.8mm

75mm pole: Depth 44mm x Diameter 87.5mm