Darby Embrace

Wrought Iron embrace finished in waxed black iron.

Shown here as a Fuseler swan neck embrace. 

Embraces can be Swan Neck, Fixed Embrace or Hinged Embrace.

Any pole design can be specified.

Embrace size can be specified.



Holbein Catalogue Description

Darby poles are hand worked in solid steel for each order.   

All design details can be refined and adjusted to meet project requirements.

As a hand made product each item is completely individual and no two pieces will be identical

A full range of tiebacks and accessories are also available to co-ordinate with this product.

Poles can be made in the following diameters





Darby poles can be supplied in Black Waxed Iron , Burnished Silver Steel.

Poles can also be finished in any of our plated or painted metal finishes if required.