Arboretum Reeded Wood Pole

Reeded Wood Pole

Holbein Catalogue Description

Arboretum wood poles are usually made from Ash or Tulipwood. Ash wood is widely used in furniture and has an attractive grain pattern which is highlighted by staining and polishing. Tulipwood has an even close texture which takes paint and lacquer finishes very well. When stained it shows a fine grain detail which can reproduce the look of close grained hardwoods such as mahogany.

Reeded poles are available in 38mm, 50mm, 63mm and 75mm diamters as standard, however custom poles can be manufactured to any diameter.

Reeded poles can have bends or mitres for angled bay windows or can be curved for swept bay windows.

Poles can be fitted with a discreet cording system or motorised control for use with rings or gliders.