With thousands of products in our range it can be difficult to find what you want, even though it probably exists.

To help navigate our products we have seperated them in to  “Collections” that have a common product theme.  e.g. “Stanforth” is all brass (although they can be in any metal or paint finish)  and “Arboretum” is all wood (again available in many wood and paint finishes)

Collections can be mixed and matched.  For instance metal brackets from Stanforth are often used with Arboretum wood poles.

The Collections :

Arboretum – Wooden poles and accessories

Stanforth – Metal poles and accessories

Argent – Carved and Cast Finials, Rosettes and Holdbacks

Taurus – Hand wrought poles in bronze and brass.

Mirage – Glass-Clear Acrylic Poles and accessories with metal highlights.

Galerie – Bespoke Pelmets in both wood and metal.
(not yet on our website)

Corbus – Flat poles in metals wood and acrylic.
(not yet on our website)