About Us

From our origins in 1972, The Holbein Company has become a key supplier to the high end interior design market.

In addition to an extensive range of drapery hardware collections and accessories The Holbein Company specialises in the bespoke.

In house manufacturing facilities include:

  • wood metal and acrylic machining
  • brazing and fabrication
  • tube and track bending
  • wood turning and carving
  • hand and spray painting, staining,  polishing
  • metal polishing and bronzing
  • 3D cad design and printing

Technical expertise is key to our success.  With years of  experience within the industry including measuring and estimating, curtain cutting and making, upholstery, curtain fitting and hanging and dressing, plus training accumulated over time from companies such as  Silent Gliss®, Lutron® and Integra®  we offer products that we know will perform as our customer expect and can offer advice on all aspects of an installation at any stage of the project.

Moving with the times, The Holbein Company has offered motorised poles for over 10 years.  Now supplying our own unique track system developed specially to work with our own poles, from 38mm diameter or above, we can motorise bay or straight poles with gliders or rings.


Our History

The beginnings of The Holbein Company date back to 1972 when “L & S Services” was established in Tooting, South London, by Frank Swann and Alf Larratt as a supplier of contract curtain tracks and hand stained and painted wood poles to curtain makers throughout London and the South East of England.

Customers included leading curtain makers such as Albert E Chapman, through whom many L & S products were used in royal and heritage buildings throughout the UK. Harrods and John Lewis, who at that time had in-store workrooms also sourced many of their products from L & S Services.

In the 1990’s  the company rebranded as “International Drapery Products” and added to its portfolio selected collections of beautiful curtain poles manufactured throughout Europe and the US. International Drapery Products was responsible for introducing  curtain eyelet headings to the UK.

Moving into the 2000’s demand from the interior decorator/design market was growing for increasingly decorative high quality curtain poles which saw  “IDP” increasing its manufacturing facilities and refocusing its product range towards handmade custom products, launching the Arboretum, Stanforth, Mirage and Isambard collections.

Now working extensively in wood, brass and acrylic IDP were looking for new design ideas and a new name to reflect their changing product collections. A fortunate coincidence of circumstance led to “the Holbein collection”, a range of beautifully hand painted  carved curtain pole and tieback designs looking for a new owner just at the right time. A perfect partnership for IDP, this collection was taken under their wing. The quality of design and production of the Holbein collection was such that it was used to lead the revision of IDP’s product range and the rebranding of the company to The Holbein Company.

The Holbein Company has grown for over 40 years to offer an unsurpassed range of unique drapery hardware, with the added ability to create bespoke products placing it at the heart of  cutting edge  interior design and making it a key supplier to the heritage market.